Why HotdbWAN?

What is HotdbWAN?

HotdbWAN is the first software solution to effectively integrate database disaster recovery planning and high availability into one simple, easy to operate package. Installed in just a few minutes, our software creates and controls multiple server standby databases on your company’s Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), instantly guarding against database failure and server crashes.

HotdbWAN’s high availability full-scale server-replication software integrates seamlessly with your systems, monitoring and performing database repairs automatically, while providing the assurance that if disaster strikes your business, its clients and employees will never notice.

Business Continuity

An unexpected server failure can be catastrophic for any unprepared business; even a short loss of service can mean irate customers, damaged credibility, wasted employee hours and millions of dollars in lost revenue. In the event of a catastrophic failure, HotDBwan will immediately switch your services to an assigned standby server, allowing your business to continue operating as if nothing had happened, minimizing the loss of downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Key Features?

Supports all versions of MS SQL – HotdbWAN will work with any version of Microsoft SQL even the Standard Edition of SQL Server 2000.

Downtime prevention - enjoy the kind of peace of mind that only comes with knowing that in the event of a source server crash, HotdbWAN will immediately switch operations to your assigned target server. Thanks to HotdbWAN’s innovative and unique design, failover operations take no more than just a few seconds, enabling your business to continue operation uninterrupted.

Disaster recovery – in the event disaster strikes, don’t worry - thanks to HotdbWAN you can restore your primary system as soon as you are ready to - all with a single right-click of your mouse.

Complete control - dictate where you want your databases backed-up and schedule procedures at any time. Need to add or remove a server on the fly? No problem – HotdbWAN’s dynamic customization options give you complete control over where, when and how your data is stored.

Customizable activity monitoring and alerts – the HotdbWAN activity monitor allows complete oversight of your network's activity – monitor server activity, track SQL agents and server disk space. Backup and restore failures? Stopped SQL agents? Low hard drive space? Automatically receive notification of any of these problems via email, pop-up alerts or via your LAN or WAN. So, no matter where you are, you will always be in control.

Proactive error handling and repair – HotdbWAN will identify potential errors and correct them automatically before they become problems. Our software will verify permissions, recover missing files and synchronize interrupted activity - all without you having to lift a finger. Just set and forget.

Simple installation – HotdbWAN is simple to install which means you can have the protection your company needs in just minutes.

Substantially lower price – HotdbWAN software costs considerably less than similar competing products and offers many of the same features of multiple packages, all conveniently brought together in one software solution.