Installation Instructions

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HotDBWAN Product Installation

  1. Double-click the setup file.
  2. HotDBWAN Installation starts.
  3. The setup will search your hard drives for .NET Framework and will install it if necessary.
  4. The setup wizard starts. Click the Next button.
  5. Read the end user license agreement. If you accept the terms, check the upper check box and click the Next button.
  6. You may change the destination folder for the installation files. Click the next button.
  7. You may install only the HotDBwan, NadZip (compression) or both.
  8. You are now ready to install HotDBWAN. To start installing, click the Install button.

HotDBWAN Server Activation

Add server to the servers list. HotDBWAN will inform you that you haven't activated the server yet. Start server activation.

File Compression

If you don’t wish to use file compression with HotDBWAN, skip this step. In order to use file compression with HotDBWAN, NADZip application has to be installed on the database server or in a near computer with accessibility from the database server. NADZip is used by HotDBWAN to compress and decompress SQL server backup files. Run HotDBWAN installation on the database server and choose to install NADZip. The second step in activation is choosing between Automatic activation and Manual activation.

Automatic Activation

If HotDBWAN was installed on a computer with internet access, choose this option, enter your license number and click the Next button. The wizard will submit a call to HotDBWAN site in order to receive the activation number. When the activation number is received, the wizard will display it. It is recommended to save the activation number for future use (if needed). Click the Activate button.

Manual Activation

If HotDBWAN was installed on a computer with no internet access, choose this option, enter your license number and click the Next button. The wizard will display your local license number. Write it down and go to HotDBWAN download page: Follow the site instructions to get your activation number. Go back to the wizard, enter the activation number and click the Next button. After the wizard validation check, click on the Activate button.

HotDBWAN Package Creation Instructions

Before creating a new HotDBWAN package, follow these instructions:

  1. Check your SQL Server services. The services logon account must be an authorative account. The “Local System Account” does not have permission to access shared folders & UNC paths.
  2. Change the HotDBWAN service logon account to the same account as the SQL Server services logon account (This service will monitor your servers).
  3. Pick a shared folder. All the servers that participate in the package will use this folder. It is highly recommended to pick a shared folder on a computer other than the source and target server computers.
  4. Make sure all the servers have read, write & modify permissions on the shared folder. To grant permissions to a server, grant the required permissions to the user account running the SQL Server and the SQL Agent services.
  5. Link the source server to the target servers by creating a linked server. The target servers depend on the source server to provide them the necessary information for a successful restore. HotDBWAN automatically adds the source server as a linked server to every target. To avoid delays during the package creation, it is recommended to link the source server to the target servers manually in case problems shall occur. The best security strategy to link between the servers is trusted connection. If the servers were installed on different domains, you must change the security of the linked server to a SQL Authentication login / user.
  6. HotDBWAN disables every transaction log backup job it finds on the source server agent, before creating its own backup log jobs. In order to avoid future synchronization problems in case the automatic disabling misses a job, It is recommended to disable or delete the existing jobs manually.
  7. HotDBWAN Package Creation should fail if one of the wizard inputs is inaccurate. Read the wizard remarks and follow instructions.