Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions & Answers

  1. What is the best practice for SQL Server security?
  2. What is the best practice for HotDBwan installation?
  3. How do different servers communicate?
  4. Why doesn’t the HotDBwan monitor service work?
  5. How should I set the shared folder security properly?
  6. What happens to existing transaction log backup jobs?
  7. What is the best practice for synchronizing the packages in both sides?
  8. How can I pause a target database update without stopping the entire package?
  9. My package got an “out of synchronization” message. What can I do?
  10. How can I create a package between two distant servers (e.g. 1000 miles)?
  11. One of the servers appears unavailable on the package monitor and/or the monitor alerts server connection error.
  12. May I use the shared folder as the backup folder?