HotDBWAN creates 8 tables in the msdb database as part of the HotDBWAN server activation for the packages management :

Table Name Description
HotBackupSource Contains a row for each target database related to source.
HotBackupTarget Contains one row for a target database and its related source information.
HotSourceDataFiles Contains full path and data file names of all the source's data files.
HotSourceLogs Contains history of all the backed up files.
HotTargetLogs Contains history of all the restored files.
HotVPNSourceLogs Contains history of all the compressed files in the compressed files shared folder.
HotVPNCompLogs Contains history of all the compressed files copied from the compressed files shared folder to the target computer.
HotVPNTargetLogs Contains history of all the decompressed files on the target computer.
HotLock Contains one row with information about the client computer running the locking HotDBWAN instance.
HotChanges Contains one row for every package change occured by the locking HotDBWAN instance.
HotConfiguration Contains one row for configuration purposes.
syshjobs Contains information about all the jobs created by HotDBWAN.


  1. HotDBWAN operator must be a SQL Server system administrator.
  2. Do not add files or filegroups to the source database after the package creation.
  3. HotDBWAN copies only backup files with the archive attribute set. Do not delete files from the shared folder.