HotDBWAN Overview

HotDBWAN is a data availability tool for SQL Server. It creates advanced log shipping between one to many SQL Server instances using file compression and monitors their activity to assure best performance.

HotDBWAN works with Web, Standard & Enterprise editions of all SQL Server versions, from SQL Server 2000 and newer.


Working with one database server is very risky. Crashes that occur on a production database server may cost hours of downtime until a successful recovery. Reliance of all the IO operations on one server requires a strong server and as the IO grows, the performance decreases.

HotDBWAN creates a copy of any (source) database to one or many (target) database servers on the LAN or WAN. The transaction log of the source database is backed up every several minutes and copied to a shared location. The target database is restored from the shared location's transaction log backups. HotDBWAN enables the use of file compression. That way, a copy of one database is available on one or many database servers for the following purposes:

  1. Downtime Prevention. In case the source server crashes, one of the target databases can become the temporary source instead of the main source. That way, updates could be made to the temporary source, while the source server is being fixed.
  2. IO Improvement. The source server will be used only for input operations (Insert, Update, Delete), while the target servers will be used for the output operations (Select). That way, performance is increased for the entire database system.

The following are the main solutions HotDBWAN offers :

Packages Management

HotDBWAN presents a flexible and dynamic customization of the HotDBWAN operation: editing backup locations and frequency at any time, adding and removing target servers etc.

HotDBWAN Activity Monitor

The activity monitor traces after the backup and restore activities, SQL agents and servers' disk space. It notifies via graphic monitor alerts and email.

Downtime Prevention

In case a source crashes, one target becomes the source in order to prevent downtime.

Error Handling and Repair

On backup and restore failures, HotDBWAN identifies problems and known errors and handles them accordingly.