Every package may have one target allowed to assume primary role, meaning, one of the targets could be used as a temporary source server to the other targets, in case the original source server suffers from a problem preventing it from functioning as the source server. If such problem occurs, use the Failover operation.

Click on the package node in the packages list and click on "Failover" in the "Packages" menu.

The failover mode was designed to be a temporary mode until the original source server is fixed and ready to function as a source server again. Therefore, no changes are allowed on a package in FAILOVER status until you return the package to normal activity. To learn more about Failback, click here.

Note : If no primary target is defined for a package, the failover operation will stop the HotDBWAN activity for that package and restore all the target databases with recovery. Meaning, the package will be SEALED and useless. After that, all you can do is destroy the sealed package.