What about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for Small & Medium Companies?

Every organization’s success and service reputation is built on ensuring that its data is always accessible and protected. In the IT world, this means delivering a product that achieves the highest level of availability and disaster recovery while simultaneously minimizing data loss and downtime.

Microsoft SQL Server is a robust database application that is critical for many businesses. If it is unavailable, productivity is interrupted, customer service is impacted, and the corporate brand is damaged. A multi-tiered application requires robust replication and orchestration to ensure its availability.

Protecting databases is challenging as transactions are written quickly and there is a high rate of change within the application. Many organizations use log shipping as a recovery method, which typically translates to a manual recovery process and overall higher risk. In addition to this complexity, just getting the data to the recovery site is insufficient as the order of the I/O is critical for database recovery. If write-order fidelity is not preserved, the database cannot be recovered without additional manual intervention.

Microsoft SQL Server introduced a new capability known as “AlwaysOn”, which provided customers superior availability and disaster-recovery alternatives. The AlwaysOn brand included features for achieving high availability and disaster recovery.

This feature works beautifully in Enterprise Edition of SQL 2012 & 2014.

That means that Small & Medium companies that cannot allow that edition and/or have not DBA in-house cannot reach data loss protection and business continuity either.

Additional Secondary Replicas

Some readers may ask why more replicas were needed. Additional replicas can be distributed for other mission critical application, which positively affects high availability and disaster-recovery efforts for any organization.

Small and Middle business must have a tool with these methods affordable to their budget.
HotDBwan fits those demands, also a Business Continuity and High Availability product for Microsoft SQL Server platform and more.

Rafael Nadel
Founder & CEO of NAD Solutions.